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Laid / Lashing Cord

Ref: LCmaster

Lashing/Laid Cord

Lashing/Laid Cord   Lashing/Laid Cord

Lashing/Laid Cord

This heavy Lashing Cord is used to position and hold any springing both traditional hand built or modern units.
Lashing or Laid Cord is made from hemp or flax, and is produced buy laying the fibres together with a smal amount of twist.
By making the cord this way very little stretch is experienced, and the cord will not slacken with use, and a tightly lashed seat will remain in place for most of its life.

Available in a 400grm Ball (approx. 45mts) or a 10mt pack

Choose Option and Quantity
400grm cop- 14.85(Inc. VAT).
10mt Pack - 5.75(Inc. VAT).

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