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Antique Braid 308

Ref: TRIMAB308

Antique Braid 308 - gold

Antique Braid 308 - gold

Antique Braid 308 - gold

Our beautiful Antique Style 10mm Braid is multi coloured to enhance any Chair or Sofa.
This upholstery braid can also be bent round most curves, making it especialy practical for ornate antique and modern furniture.
Competitivly priced at £5.99metre including vat - and if you buy 10metres or more the price discounts to £5.10 mt including vat.

sample availabe on request.

Price per Metre including VAT

Price: (1 to 9 metres) 5.99 (Inc. VAT). Price: (10 or more metres) 5.10 (Inc. VAT).

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